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Astrology software Macintosh AstroQuick
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   AstroQuick is an astrology software for Macintosh developed by the astrologer Daniel Vega since 1993. Powerful, always simple and easy to use, AstroQuick is the most friendly astrological application.
   AstroQuick calculates and builds astrological charts with high astronomical precision and professional quality prints.
   You can choose from many astrological options (house systems, zodiacal reference, lilith calculation, etc.) and have a 5.000 major citys data bank with time correction over 300 countrys or states (including Time zones and Daylight saving times).
AstroQuick provides other high quality features:

New interpretation modules
AstroNatal by Patrick Giani
AstroQuick versions 5.65 !
New customer service 24h/24
Free astrology calculations with your WAP phone.
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AstroQuick's shareware:
& LIGHT Features

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™ AstroQuick is a trade mark
  • Natal chart interpretation from original texts written by the astrologer Patrick Giani.
  • Full control over all graphical parameters (planets, signs, houses, aspects etc.).
  • Detailed information on every cuspid, planet, aspect, master position (with many presentations

AstroQuick BASIC RATED 4/5 Univers MacWorld
  The complete astrology software for Astrologers and professionals includes all version LIGHT features, plus forecast charts, powerfull dates calculations, ephemerides, text interpretation and much more...
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