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Astrology shareware

astrology shareware

AstroQuick LIGHT

Color convention: common to versions LIGHT & BASIC.  BASIC version only


  • High precision ephemerides.
  • Tropical or sidereal (Ayanamsa or SVP) Zodiac. 9 Houses systems (Placidus, Régiomontanus, Campanus, equal houses, Porphyr, Meridian, Koch, Antiqua et Solar) with part of fortune.
  • Indication of : retrogradations, dissociate aspects, applying or separating aspects.
  • Major and minor aspects (0°, 30°, 45°, 60°, 72°, 90°, 120°, 135°, 144°, 150°, 180°).
  • Ephemerides or Planets, moon phases, and asteroides: Kiron, Ceres, Pallas, Juno, Vesta.

Time correction and Atlas :

  • Automatical Time correction for more than 300 country or stateses including summer time correction.
  • List of more than 6.000 major citys in the world including geographical and time correction coordinates.


  • Until 16 charts visible on the screen.
  • Natal
  • Horary
  • Solar Return
  • Lunar Return
  • Progressions Charts (secondary, symbolic, solar arc with converse option)
  • Mi-Time/space charts
  • Aspects' map.

Lists & calculations

  • Information tables: synthetic, distributions in sign and houses, aspectarian, positions, datas & moon phases.
  • Transits dates calculation with powerfull engine (84 years of transits in less than 2 seconds on G4/400).
    Many parameters available to display the lists (Natal or transiting planets, aspects, orbs...) with 7 options for sorting the lists.
  • Interpretation engine for Transits lists.
  • Progressions dates (secondary, symbolic, solar arc with converse option).
    Many parameters available to display the lists (Natal or transiting planets, aspects, orbs...) with 7 options for sorting the lists.
  • Interpretation engine for Progressions lists.
  • Numerical ephemerides multi-periodic with nodes, lilith, moon phases and asteroides (Tropical or sidereal zodiac (Ayanamsa or SVP).


  • Vectorial pictures for professionnal quality prints, compatible with all Macintosh™ printers.
  • TrueType™ astrological font (HoroVision) which can be used with any other applications.
  • Publishing features with PICT & JPEG format.

Parameters and options :

  • 5 presentations for zodiac switching from: Aries, Ascendant, Natal Ascendant, Ayanamsa or SVP.
  • Colors, lines, chars, styles or display of all chart's items (zodiac, planets, signs, cuspides, aspects, degrees)
  • Optionnal drawing style for non-angular cuspids.
  • Orbs, line and display of aspects : standard orbs and exacts orbs for each aspect, optional display for special point aspects (ascendant, MC, nodes, lilith, part of fortune).
  • Moving planetary item with the mouse.
  • Favorite's charts sub-menu.
  • Preferences menu to change chart's preferences to up to 24 customized profiles (graphical or calculation preferences).

Tool Window

  • Easy chart settings and modifications using the tool's window which enables to do any search among dates or geographical location and to display animated chart's.


  • "On line" or "analogical" interpretation when double-clicking on a chart item (planet, cuspid or point).
    Symbolic degrees.
  • Analysis of Natal chart : Interpretation of natal chart by the astrologer Patrick Giani (about 5 text pages).
  • Customizable Text interpretation for charts and Transits list: Up to 24 interpretation folders for Charts and Transits.
    Thousands combinations analysed :
    planet or house in sign, planet in house, sign & houses, 144 combination Sun/asc., all planetary aspects (11 angles), Retrogrades 'planets, 360 symbolic degrees, masters (dispositors) in sign, house, sign & house, text & chart's variables processor...
    Unlimited size for editing text interpretation sources.
  • Professional text interpretation modules available.

Data exchange

  • All chart's data can be used with other application using text (ascii) format.
  • Interpretation files can be used with all text or pagination software.
  • Vectorial PICT files for pagination or drawing software, JPEG files to share charts over internet (web site or emails): Charts, Charts report, aspects boxes, astronomical positions.
  • Text/ ascii infos: Charts, infos, aspects, astronomical positions etc.
  • List of transits or directions.


  • Colors or black & white printer MAC OS compatible.
  • Full astrological report including: name, age, natal coordinates, technical informations, astronomical lists, table of aspects etc..
  • List of transits or directions dates.
  • Customizable ephemerides

User manual

  • AstroQuick is provided with electronic manual including lesson and full references.


License, rights to use of the software

AstroQuick BASIC standard licence is dedicated for "Personnal Use". That means that the Software production (graphics or texts interpretation) are for private purpose only and can not be sold, published or distributed. Commercial use is expressly forbidden .

Special professional Licence is available for AstroQuick BASIC and other packages including professional interpretation modules.

For more information, read the
license agreement.

AstroQuick software includes interactive help.


Macintosh™, PowerMacintosh™, iMac™ ...
Minimum required :

  • Processor PowerPC
  • MAC OS 8.x, OS 9.x
  • Compatible Mac OS X With Classic (not compatible with Macs using Intel processor where Classic is not available)
  • 3 Mo of available RAM.
  • 15 Mo disk space available.
  • Color monitor 800x600

* (All documentation is illustrated with Mac OS 9 interface).

Astrology software
for astrologers &
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