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Progressions forecast interpretation of Directions

Year Forecaster Professional report
This module tracks the gradual development of a persons life over successive years uncovering valuable insights about Personality, Public Life, Creative drive, Personal development, Mental and Work development, Happiness love and money, Motivation, drive and energy, Feelings and daily life.
Astrological method based on the calculation method of Secondary Progressions
Interpretations are based on 'progressed transit positions' of:- Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars.
Author Tom Brosnan.

Average 1 to 3 pages per year. (depending of the selected settings).

All source text are easily editable with any text software. You can also change the final report presentation (data display, order or appearance of the paragraphes, comments etc.). Reports are 100% editable with any text or pagination software like Word™, ClarisWorks™, QuarkXPress™ etc.
Progessions directions

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Progressions' sample report



Period July 2001 - July 2006.

This aspect of Astrology covers the future and its possible outcomes dealing with 'long term' influences, describing the themes and trends of the next few years, usually for a minimum of two years. Progressions indicate internal changes that you are going through over an extended period. In other words they describe how your birth chart is developing at the present time. Your personal growth.

The report has several sections and it could be either a busy period for you with many contradictions or just a few. Within this report there is a section that deals with your 'Progressed Moon'. It is well worth paying attention to, as it shows the emotional shifts in your daily life. To get a full picture of what is happening, you must combine the outcome of your Progressed report with another method of forecasting known as Transits.

What is indicated under Progressions colours the long term, and what is being said under Transits describes how you may be experiencing everyday life whilst under that influence. If your Progressions indicate favourable periods, the Transits will indicate the ups and downs of that time, or if it's unfavourable they will indicate times of alleviation of that period or added stresses. Use as a guide only.

What follows is your progressed report for the next few years. However, if your birth time is unknown or inaccurate, any aspects from or to the Moon, Ascendant and Midheaven will be inaccurate and therefore not reliable. All other aspects will apply, though the starting and finishing times may alter slightly.

Progressed Report for Yves Montand
(birthday 10/14/1921 @ 00h00, Montsummano/Pistoia - Italie).

Since 07.01.2001 until 03.03.2003, exact the 12.09.2001
Progressed Mercury Sextile Mercury

These years suggest that your thinking and communicating skills are in good shape, and the opportunity to develop these skills will be presented. As a result, you probably can further your work, education and travel plans.

Health is good and this would be a beneficial time to correct your diet or eating habits, as your mind is tuned to good health practices. Good relationships with brothers and sisters may be anticipated. It's a good period to seek a new job or a promotion, as you are valued for your work effort.

Since 07.01.2001 until 10.29.2003, exact the 08.07.2002
Progressed Mercury Sextile Mars

During these years you are courageous in your thinking and have the initiative to act on your ideas, giving you the chance to make the most of any opportunities that come your way for work and new projects. This is a very constructive period; your judgement is good, and you make decisions quickly and act on them. Employers should notice this and you may be rewarded, if other factors concur.

The opportunity is presented to you to act on your ideas: in other words, you have the drive and courage to speak up for yourself and to 'put your money where your mouth is'.

Your energy is fired up now, bringing the chance to put your plans into action, to seek that new job or speak up for yourself and be heard. It's an ideal time to take an assertiveness course. At presently you are at your best when you are incisive and making executive decisions. Business contracts have every chance of success at this time.

From 10.24.2001 until 04.06.2004, exact the 01.15.2003
Progressed Mercury Sextile Natal Moon

During these years your intellect and feelings work together, showing good judgement and intuition and making this a good time to be able to express your feelings and thoughts to co-workers and family members.

You can easily tell people what you need, and mostly they can help you meet those needs. It's a good time for developing communication or writing skills. You have good ideas about making money and these are practical and should work.

This is an ideal time for a shift or change of house, work promotion or pay rise. Events stimulate your mind and you may feel the need to learn, take a short trip, change your job, visit your relations or write a novel.

The important thing is that you use your mind actively to avoid feeling bored. Health matters will also be at the fore; in fact this is a good time to start a new health regime or diet. Health should be good. This is a good time for signing contracts.

From 12.10.2001 until 02.13.2005, exact the 07.13.2003
Progressed Venus Square Jupiter

These years can be the most indulgent and wasteful years of your life. Riches and good fortune are there for you. But you make the wrong decisions, or are too lazy, and over-estimate your social and financial skills, misjudging your chances and wasting them.

Or you believe the wrong people who lead you astray. You may spend far too much money during this time, paying far too much for things. Beware! This looks like a time of increase and surplus, but you misjudge it and/or get bad advice and miss out.

To make things work you need to be clear about your needs and to be cautious about your expectations. Conservatism pays off: wasting your money on indulgences and extravagances doesn't.

You are invited out socially and may make a fool of yourself and find yourself not invited back. Friends are 'fair weather' ones now, encouraging you to spend like it's going out of fashion. Love affairs are not what they seem.

This will affect your relationships and love life. Contacts and promises made by foreigners don't come to much, and you may be misled while travelling. Travel proves costly.

From 03.06.2003 until 07.30.2006, exact the 02.20.2005
Progressed Sun Sextile Mercury

During these years you have the opportunity to develop your mind and creative potential through learning, travelling and working, all of which should go well for you. You need a craft to express yourself and now is the time to develop that; the chances are there if you seek them.

It's a time to study and go back to school, or start a training scheme and you will find the work that's right for you. Interesting conversations with people offer you the chance to build confidence in your ability to learn and talk. Health is good, unless there are indications to the contrary. You may receive love proposals. It's a good time to work with children or creativity. You are confident about your work.

From 09.28.2003 until 07.30.2006, exact the 05.01.2005
Progressed Venus Sextile Uranus

These are exciting and happy years that will help counteract any indications to the contrary. People like you and find you stimulating. It's a socially interesting time, when the chance to expand socially and financially arises when you least expect it.

Sudden interesting and stimulating meetings with unusual people help you fulfil financial and love goals. Marriage opportunities arise. This time is favourable for business dealings with large organisations. Friends are very helpful now and those 'get rich quick' schemes can work. Relationships and money go well. Suddenly and unexpectedly you can come into money and/or fall in love.

From 04.07.2004 until 07.30.2006, exact the 06.25.2005
Progressed Mars Square Sun

Conflict and fights will mark these years as you are pushed to make a decision about achieving your ambitions and getting recognition. You get into battles of will with whomever you meet and, wanting to compete with them and win! You give little quarter.

Lighten up: you get too angry with people. Tell them what you want, rather than forcing them to do things against their will. Frustration comes to boiling point, forcing you to act inappropriately or rashly, destroying what you want to achieve. You're impatient and intolerant, always wanting to be right. Control yourself, learn some discipline, and channel your energy constructively. Let off some steam.

There is no shortage of drive, direction and motivation for you, but you're not listening to advice and you're being impulsive in your push to the top. Learn to be co-operative and to plan now, or you will defeat yourself. If you work out a strategy and keep to it, you can get what you want. You have a lust for life and passion, which needs to be channelled constructively. If it isn't, you will scare off others, or over-extend yourself.

Impulsiveness colours your actions: think before you act. Be assertive rather than aggressive. Hot and impulsive love affairs are likely, where you may be vain and arrogant, inconsiderate of the needs of your lover, and thinking only of your personal satisfaction. Business difficulties may arise because of poor timing. Relationships with men will be difficult and quarrelsome.

From 05.08.2002 until 07.30.2006, exact the 10.22.2005
Progressed Mars Trine Uranus

These years are exciting and stimulating, as your desire for adventure and thirst for new horizons leads you into interesting and unusual pursuits that help fulfil your desire for independence and freedom. You are very inventive and resourceful in how you do things now.

When least expected, opportunities arise to start something new. Friends are helpful in what you do, and give either a physical hand or an idea that sets you off in a new direction. Life is very stimulating and invigorating; you are motivated by your goals and have the drive and energy to pursue them. You have an appetite for adventure.

Partnerships spring up out of the blue, and you are sexually very active. New and exciting ideas spur you to new heights. Risks taken pay off, and lead to new opportunities. Ambitions work out. This is a good time for working co-operatively with others. At this time you may be interested in electronics, or may start a new hobby, or even pioneer a new invention.

From 03.26.2004 until 07.30.2006, exact the 03.12.2006
Progressed Sun Trine Mars

You will find that you can easily get what you want now, as you are courageous, adventurous and confident in your ability to win. It's an ideal time to initiate new projects or push your goals through.

There is little resistance to your plans. As you make each move, the right doors open for you. You've got fire in your belly now - go for it! Adventures and opportunities for success abound. With energy in abundance you can achieve most of what you turn your hand to.

Put some of that energy into sports or other healthy competition. Your strong sexual drive makes you attractive to the opposite sex. Men are particularly helpful.

From 03.31.2005 until 07.30.2006, exact the 06.17.2006
Progressed Mercury Trine Venus

Good health, enjoyable work, and rewarding conversations, with your social contacts make this a generally pleasant time. You are paid well for the work you do, and are offered some interesting proposals, possibly of marriage or business partnerships. Social life is stimulating. Artistic mind and hands make this a good design period. Be creative.

This brings to an end the interpretation of Yves Montand Progressed Report.

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