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AstroNatal interpretation of Natal Chart

15-20 pages professional report
Astrology and psychology by Patrick Giani.

Horoscope module
makes the text interpretation of the following positions:
 • Ascendant is sign
 • Planets in Signs and Houses from Sun to Pluto with their 5 majors aspects and 6 minor aspects

All source text are easily editable with any text software. You can also change the final report presentation (data display, order or appearance of the paragraphes, comments etc.). Reports are 100% editable with any text or pagination software like Word™, ClarisWorks™, QuarkXPress™ etc.
AstroNatal text

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AstroNatal sample report



Yves Montand

Born on Friday October 14, 1921 at 00h00 in Montsummano/Pistoia - Italie.

The following analysis does not claim to give an in-depth definition of all the tendencies inherent to your personal nature. A whole book would not be enough for it! It simply invites to the reading of major forces and weaknesses composing your personality.

This analysis realized from a microcomputer is using numerous astronomical parameters: each of the planets of your astral chart is analyzed according to the position in sign and in house. Ascendant and major aspects, that are the main angles connections between planets, are also considered.

In spite of all the care that were brought to the editorial staff of the texts of interpretations, this analysis can not be compared with a real consultation, or a study realized personally by a professional astrologer. Each chart represents infinity of possible combinations. Consequently, it is perfectly impossible that a so complete, computer analysis is, can realize the global astrological synthesis which is, as every individual, unique and specific. So, only an astrologer rich in knowledge of many years of studies and practices is able of really deepening the interpretation of your chart and advise you in a search for knowledge yourself. He can also advise you better to master your destiny.
That is why it is advised to read the following analysis cautiously, and often to read " between lines ".

Having spared some time for the reading of this study, make yourself comfortable, relax and let your mind penetrate in the inside... of yourself.

Good reading!

There's a child in you who doesn't want to grow. Maybe too much sensibility, which prevents you from going towards the world. Such as a child, you live in osmosis with the environment that surrounds you, and you are excessively permeable; you are sensitive to any atmosphere (positive and negative) and you feel within you all the fluctuations without being able to discern where they come from. For that reason, it's sometimes necessary to isolate yourself because you can perceive much better what you really are. There is in you a big emotional instability. All the thoughts of fear, anguish or insecurity feed on all your physical energy. In this case, there's nothing left to do but... act! Your need to help others is a need to protect them from difficult experiments. In fact, the fear of life urges you to help others. But you got to help yourself first, and after you often can be reborn...

Your native Sun is in Libra

Your temperament is generally gentle, keen and refined. You have the sense of justice and cultivate a certain art of living. You know how to put yourself in somebody else's place but sometimes you have difficulties in taking a position due to your excessive sensibility regarding public approval. Looking for harmony and quality relationships (i.e. one of the scale's pan) is very important for you. Of a sensitive and sentimental nature, you are quite sociable and you like to give good advice and be helpful.
Easily influenced, light spirited and fickle, you can sometimes be blamed for your amorous amateurishness. You are nevertheless sincere at the moment and tactfully know how to win forgiveness for your hesitations. Be careful, all the same to grant as much importance to your sentimental life than to your social position that counts a great deal for you.
You can also be inconstant, wavering and you particularly hesitate between choosing or taking a stand which sometimes makes you look hypocrite or coward in the eyes of others. Actually, you possess an extraordinary talent in avoiding all conflicting situations. Always looking for equilibrium, you will notice that it is less a question for you to attain it than to INCLINE towards this equilibrium. What others like in you: your kindness, your diplomacy and of course, the delicacy of your features.

Your Sun is in House IV

As regards to your personal identification, your family cell, your roots or your household reveal to be of a great importance. You assert your personality within the framework of your home and your family. Sensitivity, imagination and at times, simplicity of character make you live a bit sedentarily amidst the security of your family cocoon or the warmth of your household. Your affective and daily needs now and then dominate your personality. Often, one notices a strong influence of your family environment in connection with the elaboration of your personality, especially that of the father. You are a model parent, sensitive and affectionate towards your close ones.


The Moon is related to our emotions, our sensitivity and our mood (this is why, quite often, our "bad humor", due to the Moon's fast cycle, does not last for a long time). The Moon also relates to our imagination, our nocturnal dreams. It is important to know that on a psychological level, the Moon is related to the mother along with the relations we have between ourselves and women in general. This image, often being idealized or repressed within the subconscious, the psyche, we most of the time avoid to bring ourselves into question, especially if the questions put forward are ticklish.

Your native Moon is in Pisces

Your receptivity is very strong and your imagination is practically unlimited. Music, literature or poetry inspires you; they place you on the same wavelength as the cosmic energies. A kind if sixth sense makes your spirit receptive to others' misfortunes as well as to spiritual movements. In spite of your charisma and the compassion spirit arousing you, you are quite impressionable, you sometimes skim sentimentality and mawkishness. Shy and easily influenced, you are occasionally a victim of your own innocence or your tendency to evade realities of life. As a result, you sometimes enter into daydreams leading you to abstractions that can generate anxiety and even, paranoia. You ought to make the difference between inspiration and mythomania, avoid artificial paradises and alcohol abuse.

Your Moon is in House IX

A certain research for exoticism, freedom and adventure, mainly lived throughout imagination, makes you always be on the move! In fact, you more often travel in your mind than in reality... Traditional folklore and exotic food very much appeal to you. Of an enthusiastic nature, you live your philosophy on a daily basis. The influence of your mother or that of women over your moral or religious opinions is notable.

Moon in trine with Mercury
You know how to adjust your sensibility and your intellect. Your mind is often receptive to most of the emotions, visions, and energy which are crossing your intellect. You have a good visual memory for words and especially written numbers. From a mental adaptability and an appreciable open mind, you have some aptitudes for language studies. You move with balance and punctuality and have a pretty constant mood.

Moon in opposition with Venus
Your sensibility is sometimes in discordance with your way of loving, your sentiments, and your emotions. In spite of the affection you give your mother, you have received just a small amount of love from her-or have received it in an indelicate way - and you have trouble loving children, especially babies. On a sentimental part, lightness, inhibited aggressiveness or inconstancy characterizes you. That's why your loves are generally unstable, subject to frequent mood changes. From a capricious character, desperately looking for harmony, you are best to express what your interior feelings are, via an art for example.

Moon in opposition with Mars
From a cyclic temperament, you have trouble controlling your emotions properly. You could become restless due to your violent, authoritarian and impulsive character. That's why your unstable mood changes often lead to a family fight or tights relation with the female sex.

A conjunction aspect links your Moon and your Uranus.
You sometimes have some trouble dissociating your sensibility from your intuitions. You are often an irritable and susceptible character and this gives you an eccentric and hard temperament to contain. This character peculiarity may come from an outstanding absence of your mother (even for a short time) during your childhood or from a disturbing event involving her. Unstable and rebellious, you have a tendency to exaggerate your problems and your mood swings generally give you trouble or deception with the female sex. Your affective life is agitated, subject to problematic attachments and unexpected ruptures. You keep moving and never stay too long in the same place. That's why you are better not to engage yourself in a long-term plan as long as you're not really mature.
You are best to focus your emotions by practicing meditation, a non-violent sport or an art where your big sensitivity could express your over-emotionality (theatre, dance, cinema, etc.).

Moon in quinconce with Neptune
You have the possibility to transcend your emotionalism with your inspiration. In order that, you can express your romantic character, your fine tests and your unlimited imagination by the practice of an art: painting, photography, etc...
Your attraction for the water and the ocean incite you sometimes to get some energy from the beach.

Moon in trine with Pluto.
You know how to adjust your sensibility and your instinct. It is easy for you to remake the desire or an emotion that could be generated by your overactive imagination or by a quasi-animal sensuality. For you nothing is perverse or even sordid because it could increase your imagination. Nights inspire you by the magnetism, ambiguous situation and sensitive remarks. However you are best to make a distinction between fanaticism and obsession.


Planet Mercury is represented on your Sky Chart by a crescent on top of a circle and a cross. It is in relation to our intellect and our capacity of communication. It is equally in relation to our nervous system and our reasoning potential.

Your native Mercury is in Scorpio

Your perspicacity, your sense of argumentation, of the word or the sentence that hits the bull's-eye, can make of you the most implacable of all judges, lawyers or police inspectors ! Your astute, intuitive and resourceful mind always finds a major fact to point out when you want to convince, or a way out when a situation grows acrimonious.

Your Mercury is in House IV

You privilege dialogue and intellectual life at home. Neighborhood relations are important to you for your sociable nature, your simpleness in contacts and your mentality, can accommodate with others' opinions. Your spirit is young and you easily understand children. You share a great deal of interest in reading and you particularly prize late evening gatherings with friends.

Mercury in sextile with Mars
You feel relaxed in your job, in which you aren't missing ability or efficiency. Putting your energy in convenient things and having good reflexes, you have gifts for mechanic arts, drawing, engraving, tools and handling cutting objects. Your spirit is lively; you revel in debates and heated discussions. Your actions, especially the ones linked to your activity are usually finalized pretty quickly.

Mercury in square with Neptune
Confused ideas, dreaming and abstractions characterize your mentality. Your evasive, sometimes illogical spirit projects your own illusions, which could make you become a pathological liar. You could let yourself get absorbed in some ideological or religious concepts because you can't necessary dissociate what is honest from what is not. You have an attraction for everything that makes you dream, smoke or edible things could make you come down to some prejudicial states of your physical and psychic health. You're getting to know how to cultivate discernment. Find an occupation for your hands (writing, drawing pictures, creating a scenario, massage or magnetic therapy, etc.).

Mercury in trine with Pluto
Most of your ideas are linked to your subconscious, which is why you can easily get into the mental schema of people around you. Your interest in psychology, neurology, criminology, or archaeology (which is anything linked to the invisible or the hidden) gives you a "good nose" which could make you accomplish interesting business, especially in a financial vein.


Planet Venus is represented on your Sky Chart by a symbol similar to that of Mercury but without the crescent. Venus is related to your personal values, your way of loving and experiencing your love stories. It is also in relation to your tastes and the quality of your sentiments.

Your native Venus is in Virgo

Of a fairly inhibited nature, discreet, shy or prudish, you are not at all the type of person to "jump at the opportunity" or passionately become infatuated with somebody, but rather, to test your partner before giving way to your mutual desires. As a matter of fact, you do not hesitate to "pull the leg" or provoke by way of testing. According to hers/his reaction, you go or not your own sweet way because firstly, your partner must realize an important fact: one must take you just the way you are. The unfaithful or inconstant type does not suit you either as you long for a peaceful love life based on confidence.
You can be relied upon in order to lay the foundations of a couple, efficiently manage everyday life and take care of children. With your head on your shoulders, you do not let yourself bothered by eventual temptations and you equitably know how to share the resources/assets of the couple. Knowing how to leave the other one space, you enjoy purring within the family, where the sense of humor and relaxation rule.

Your Venus is in House III

Of a seductive and joyful nature, your taste for flirt orients you towards love/friendship relationships. Actually, to love, you need intellectual affinities. Your expression is attractive and delicate. You search love amidst an elegant and refined environment. You like to speak of love and think of love. Your love affairs generally begin by way of a correspondence or during small journeys. You generally maintain good relationships with your entourage, which gives you a harmonious understanding with your brothers or sisters, cousins and neighbors.

A conjunction aspect links Venus and Mars.
You have few difficulties in disassociating your sentiments from your desires. From a passionate, sensual temperament, you are missing tact and delicacy in your relationships with the opposite sex. That's why your love story turns into passion and sometimes into... battle. In your relationships with others, try where possible not to think that we necessarily need a winner and a loser...
However with strong sexual pulsing and an unreachable quest for love, you sometimes choose to balance yourself through work that gives you a lot of satisfaction.

A conjunction aspect links your Venus and Saturn.
Your way of loving and your education are in harmony with your psyche; your sentiments are measured and reasonable but generally sincere and deep. Your fidelity in love, your morality, your sense of justice and your respect for traditions predispose you to love older or wiser partners than you. Modest and often subject to
Inhibition, your attachments are slow and temperate, but stable.

Venus in quintile with Pluto
Your sentiments are generally in accordance with your instinctive nature. You may feel some strong attraction for the other sex and generally you prefer intense passionate relationship. You can also use this power by channeling it in creativity on an artistically part.


Planet Mars is represented on your Sky Chart by a circle out of which comes an arrow. Masculine energy, it is a symbol of virility and action. Mars relates to your capacity of action, your personal initiatives and the energy you dispose of. It also relates to your readiness to fight - or to your aggressiveness - and to your ability to overcome obstacles.

Your native Mars is in Virgo

Within your activities, you assert professionalism for you do not leave anything to chance. Of an accurate, concise and serious character, you track the slightest detail which at times may turn into fussiness. You know how to organize yourself and economize effort in view of achieving in a realistic, useful and efficient manner. Be careful however not to give battle to internal wars with your work colleagues.
On the sexual level, your desire often depends on the circumstances. A telephone ringing, a grating mattress and the spell is broken. On the other hand, if you are assured to have time ahead of you and that everything is favorable to bedroom delights, then you become a maestro of love...

Your Mars is in House III

You have aptitudes for manual activities or communication positions (writing, radio, publicity, etc.). You love controversy, debates, oratorical encounters. You speak out (often with your hands!) to defend your ideas. You find speed exhilarating; also, be cautious while your travel.

Mars in opposition with Uranus
From an eccentric, rebellious, and sometimes-violent character, determined to act despite anything, you've got the typical revolutionary character. Your daring (bold-ness) and rash spirit set you up to fight with your environment, even accidents. And why not practice an energetic sport, which could help you release this energy.

Mars in semi-sextile with Neptune
You are feeling a lot of attraction for water trips that's why you could do a job linked with the sea or liquids. You can also have good dispositions for an artistic job: photography, dance, etc. An ideologue or mystique fight could be the origin of an initiation.


Jupiter is the biggest planet in the Solar System. It represents your expansion, growth and luck potential. It is in relation with your enthusiasm, your propensity to express joy, to see things in a positive way. It nevertheless also predisposes to excesses.

Your native Jupiter is in Libra

Of an easy-going temper and generally of an optimistic character, you delight in rendering services, in sharing joys and difficulties with your partner or your colleagues. You also know how to bring harmony and equilibrium to your acquaintances as well as in your creations. It is in the field of arts that you find a true fulfillment, especially in music. Your sense of justice and your clement mind also open you the doors to professions of the Bar.

Your Jupiter is in House III

Your relationships within the family circle or entourage you assert yourself or from whom you can get fortunate advantages are facilitated.
Enthusiastic for studies, you enjoy learning; you sometimes benefit from protection or opportunities coming from your brothers or sisters with whom you share happy moments. Your abundant ideas and your prolific intellect bring you opportunities and give you protection in public relations, communication and media branches.

Your Jupiter and your Saturn are linked by conjunction aspect.
A really lucky protecting factor increases your social elevation. Your honest and serious character gives you a conservative side, which respects laws and has good financial judgment, with a special opportunism. You're often rewarded for your efforts and your merits, socially and financially. Generally, you have administrations and old people's benevolence.


Saturn, which differs from other planets by its famous rings is a little smaller than Jupiter. It is related to your restrictions, your mental blocks, your limitations but also to the acquisition of knowledge and social elevation. Saturn is also related to your share of interior wisdom and your taste for personal effort.

Your native Saturn is in Libra

For your social elevation, you need understanding, your partner's support, that of a serious and honest associate or public esteem. For this reason, whether you participate to the public or social life of your partner or whether you achieve yourself within occupations that require discipline, the sense of justice and equilibrium.

Your Saturn is in House III

Whether you have made long studies, or whether you have had difficulties during your schooling or responsibilities to take over for your brothers or sisters. You generally appear to be austere with your close relations and they feel distance, if not estrangement on your behalf. In fact your mind is serious, reflective, sober and most of the time, pensive.

Saturn in semi-square with Neptune
You may generate an inferiority complex due to the education you have received, especially the one from the father, whose image was generally idealized, mysterious or missing. That's why you may unconsciously run away from responsibility, have a tendency towards depression, utopia, even fanaticism. A persecution complex, a lack of trust in yourself, or a tendency to be passive with fatalism could put you in a tricky situation.

Because of the slow rotation of the planet around Saturn, which is related to the collective, which sees that they are involved in your relationship with your surrounding world. The following interpretations of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto planets in signs aren't particularly yours but that of your generation.

Uranus, which takes 84 years to turn around the Zodiac, symbolizes your theme, which disassociates you from others, your originality, your particularity. Represented on your chart by an up-side-down Venus bordered by two arcs, it is as well related with your intuitions and your futuristic ideas.

Your Uranus is in Pisces
Your interest in the esoteric sciences, theology or secret societies make you a non-too-common personality and a difficult character to understand. Your taste for mystery and hidden things could lead you to a high research level. Everything linked to the sea, the ocean or chemistry sectors are good for you and are where you get your original ideas from.

Your Uranus is in house VIII
This position is underlining more the multiplication of opportunities (you offer yourself more than one possibility) than the fast luck change, or simply the fluctuations in your opportunities. Deaths in your environment generate an important automatic questioning process for you. Some unexpected surprises, good or bad, coming from a wedding or heritage, are possible depending on the aspects.

Uranus in trine with Pluto
You react well to fatalism and destruction. You know how to fight, rebuild, reform, renovate and resource yourself personally. You are intuitive and instinctive and this helps you to find the right solutions.

Neptune is a little planet far from the Sun, and its revolution takes about 165 years. It's represented on your chart by a sort of trident. It's in relation with ideals, your personal faith, your relationship with the universe, and with your utopia and illusions as well.

Your Neptune is in Leo
You're from a generation for which human, wish and creation power images are important. In spite of your magnanimity, your taste for art, your sociability, and your meticulous heart relations, you place too much importance on human honors and superiority over the other races.

Your Neptune is in house I
Believing that a difference between what you really are and what you're imagining exists, you have a tendency to delude yourself, which in some special cases could push you to naivete or even to become a pathological liar. Hypersensitive, to flattery like adversity, your rapport with others is sublimate, magnified or distorted. Depending on the aspect, there could sometimes exist an inferiority complex.

Represented on your chart by an upside-down Venus with a sort of cup on the top, Pluto is the last solar system planet that takes 248 years to revolve around the Sun. It's related to your subconscious and your prime instincts, but also to your metamorphosis power and your magnetism. It's linked to your instinctive pulsing, stress, your phobias and your phantasms.

Your Pluto is in cancer
For those of the generation who knew the Second World War, this is the emotional part that was hardly felt in relation to privations and death that deeply mark your psyche. It's also your generation, which is most concerned with long sickness, which is curiously called "cancer". It's for those reasons that you never stop worrying about your security, material and physical; likewise your anguish focuses mainly on your family, patrimonies and your place of residence.

Your Pluto is in house XII
Sometimes you go through some depressing states that reveal your spirit of worry. You've got a tendency to dramatize and see the enemy or difficulty everywhere. If the aspects linking Pluto to the other planets are dissonant, there exists a predisposition to overindulge in drugs and medicine. If Pluto receives harmonic aspects, you could take conscience of your karma, you've got the intuitive conscience of the evolution of the human race (Check above if in one of the other planet aspect figures Pluto).

Here is reached the term of this analysis.

We hope that it will have enlightened certain aspects of your personality and contributed to a better understanding of the different elements of your psyche.

All the texts of this analysis were drafted by the astrologer Patrick Giani, the author of several books like: " Maîtrisez votre avenir en positivant vos transits" and "Astrologie karmique : principes de base et pratique" (Ed. De Vecchi).

The conception of this analysis was realized by the astrologer Daniel Véga, the creator of AstroQuick softwares.

All rights reserved © AstroQuick - Patrick Giani 1993-2005.

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