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SoulScope interpretation of Natal Chart

30-35 pages professional report
An easy to read interpretation of your Birth Chart. Your main qualities are simply defined and positively explained. Automatically, you are able to see how the various parts of you - the good, the difficult and the uncertain - connect with and influence each other to create the one whole being that you are. This Profile includes interpretations for the Signs, Houses and Aspects of the Sun, Moon and Planets. Author Lyn Birkbeck.

Soul Scope module
makes the text interpretation of the following positions:
 • Ascendant and Midheaven in Signs
 • Planets in Signs and Houses from Sun to Pluto with their 5 majors aspects

 • 360 Sabian Symbolic degrees.

All source text are easily editable with any text software. You can also change the final report presentation (data display, order or appearance of the paragraphes, comments etc.). Reports are 100% editable with any text or pagination software like Word™, ClarisWorks™, QuarkXPress™ etc.
soul scope

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SoulScope sample report


Soul Scope

Above you see your Name, and your birth details - the Date, Time and your Place of birth by Latitude and Longitude. Please check this information is correct.

Yves Montand
Born Friday 10/14/1921, 00h00 at Montsummano/Pistoia - Italie.

Whilst Reading Your Soul Scope

Please bear in mind that although this horoscope is as accurate and informative as possible, there is no guarantee that every word will apply at this moment in time, or in the past or future. This horoscope maps out your potential, and is not able to say what you have made of that potential. Whilst reading, you should rely upon your own judgement and individual choice, will and inclination - which are precisely what your Soul Scope is aimed at shedding light upon.

Finally, the overall accuracy of your Soul Scope depends upon the accuracy of your Birth Time.

Introducing Yourself To You

A horoscope symbolises and sheds light apon - your purpose, your needs, your talents, your doubts, your sensitive spots, your destiny and more;

Below are the 'astrological positions' of your horoscope, followed by the interpretations, set out in Chapters - describing what they mean in your life.

You were born with...
Cancer Rising which is interpreted in Chapter One
Sun in Libra in the Fourth House which is interpreted in Chapter Two
Moon in Pisces in the Ninth House which is interpreted in Chapter Three
Aries at the Midheaven which is interpreted in Chapter Four
Mercury in Scorpio in the Fourth House which is interpreted in Chapter Five
Venus in Virgo in the Third House which is interpreted in Chapter Six
Mars in Virgo in the Third House which is interpreted in Chapter Seven
Jupiter in Libra in the Third House which is interpreted in Chapter Eight
Saturn in Libra in the Third House which is interpreted in Chapter Nine
Uranus in Pisces in the Eighth House which is interpreted in Chapter Ten
Neptune in Leo in the First House which is interpreted in Chapter Eleven
Pluto in Cancer in the Twelfth House which is interpreted in Chapter Twelve

The Planets symbolize various energies manifesting as dynamics of personality.

The Signs qualify or colour these energies, rather like a filter over a light.

The Houses designate areas of life experience upon which these energies focus.

The Aspects express how these energies dynamically interact with one another.

Note: Ongoing planetary influences throughout your life - be they in the past, present or future - as they apply to the planetary positions at your birth, are given and interpreted in True Astrology Year and Month Guide.

Chapter One - Your Ascendant: Appearance and Persona

Cancer Rising

You have a caring and receptive aura, and look for or act naturally as a mother figure. In fact, mother complexes are common with this Ascendant; it is important to establish whether or not such strong ties with your mother - and with your family in general - are entirely healthy.

If you are male, you often play down this caring and intensely personal sense by developing a shell by hiding behind political rationale and conventional social behaviour (and females can also be prone to this ploy),or by building a tough macho body. Because yours is a very personal and soft approach, it therefore feels easy to approach you. But this can be quite deceptive because there is that shell protecting the source of your vulnerable softness.

So you like being close - but not too close. Cancer Rising has been described as the "Emotional Waste Paper Basket", for you can be "dumped upon" as a result of appearing too available emotionally. This may resemble a feeling of security through being needed, but some discrimination and increased sense of self-worth are eventually called for. Be that as it may, you do find your identity through responding to the needs of others as well as your own.

Crab-like, you approach matters and people in a sideways, indirect fashion. This can be very consoling to someone who needs to be dealt with in such a softly-softly fashion. But you tend to attract relationships where emotionally sticky issues need confronting in a more direct, objective, matter-of-fact way.

The Moon is your Ruling Planet, which governs the link between your exterior being and your interior being. So study Chapter Three - Your Moon Profile, with this in mind.

You also have the following planet or planets about to rise in the East at the time of your birth. Such planets are said to be in the First House. This further describes your appearance, persona and outlook on life.

Neptune in the First house (See Chapter 11 - Your Neptune Profile)

Chapter Two - Your Sun profile: Your Will and Purpose

Sun in Libra

Your essential purpose in life is to bring balance, justice or harmony to whatever it is in your world that you regard as important. You are naturally equipped for this in that you are only too aware of the fact that there is a right and a wrong, a rough and a smooth, a pleasant and an unpleasant, etc, etc. side to every situation and person.

It is this innate awareness of the ambiguities of life that gives rise to Libra's renowned indecisiveness. But really there is only one basic decision that you have to make. This is that you arrive consciously at a firm set of social values. This means that you have to ascertain what you think is important to society in your eyes, and what you can do that will contribute to society in that respect.

Indeed, that contribution may be simply the establishing of a balanced relationship, or a balance within yourself. Anyhow, until you have begun to achieve this end, this social contribution, you will most likely vacillate between what you feel others expect of you and what you really want to do - something of which you are only partly conscious.

This in turn can lead to your being rather superficial as you use your innate sense of harmony to blend in with everything and everyone. Or, perversely, you may even be quite deliberately uncooperative as a kind of overreaction to your basic but vapid agreeability. No other Sign can draw attention to beauty and justice, in such a beautiful and just way, as Libra can - when you know what your pitch is.

Sun in the Fourth House

All of this is most likely to be centred upon and affected by your home and background. So your roots are very significant in determining what you make of life. You can either get buried in them or use them as a base from which to launch yourself. If there are negative qualities in your early home life, this will dog your progress more than is usual, so it is not until the latter part of life that you begin to prosper.

Even then, this would entail your coming to terms with blocks created in childhood. Your father has a lot to do with all this, for his character has affected you in more ways than you possibly care to admit. Your career or reputation may well involve being the proprietor/owner of some form of establishment or foundation; or simply that you work at or from home. Whatever the case, making a deliberate effort to get away from the home and family scene occasionally is very therapeutic because you can become so bound up in it as to lose your sense of vitality and individuality.

Your solar aspects

Sun opposing your Midheaven

You were born when the Sun was at or near its nadir. This is highly significant for you will have to overcome many obstacles to achieve true success, but when you do get there it will be built on a rock. You are a layer of foundations.

The Sabian Symbol For Your Sun

Finally, to give a symbolic focus to the Sun in your Chart, here is the "Sabian Symbol" for the degree of the Zodiac at which it was placed at the time of your birth. The Sabian Symbols were devised by astrologer Marc Edmund Jones and a clairvoyant called Elsie Wheeler. They may be read as interpreted, taken quite literally, or be given your own more personal or subjective interpretation much as you would for one of your dreams.

Remember to bear in mind that the Sun represents the essence or core of your life and its purpose, and to note how its Sabian Symbol corresponds to your Sun Profile, and your Chart interpretation as a whole. The Sabian Symbol for your Sun is...

"A CROWD ON THE BEACH" - Humanity in the raw, in the sense that people are stripped of their usual masks and disguises. This stripping away creates a very natural sense of connectedness, enabling everyone to be themselves in a basically biological fashion. They feel free to just watch, sunbathe, exercise, parade sexually, all in a relatively unselfconscious way. Keyword: NATURALNESS. When positive, your openness and ingenuousness that allows others to relax and feel a part of whatever is happening. When negative, an inclination to lose oneself in the crowd, thereby dulling individual position and expression.

Chapter Three - Your Moon Profile: Your Needs and Emotional Responses

Moon in Pisces

Your reigning need is to feel accepted for what you are, and to gain acceptance for others who you feel need it. What is responsible for this is your enormous compassion and sensitivity. I have to say that an equally important need of yours is to find a means of managing this sensitivity.

Without properly handling this openness to the feelings of all and sundry, you can be overwhelmed by something or someone in particular to the point of being emotionally incapacitated. Probably owing to your mother's unstable feelings, or perhaps even her selflessness, you are unconsciously on the look-out for someone to save or someone to be saved by. Such a predisposition is asking for trouble, in the form of being hopelessly in love, or craving something or someone unattainable.

And even if you do have your dream come true, it is then only too likely that the dream fades and ordinary reality - which you loathe - then returns. Any of these eventualities can lead to quite dubious means of easing the pain of disappointment - drugs and alcohol being the favourites.

Ultimately, you have to appreciate that you are a soulful being in a rather soulless world, and take the necessary steps to protect yourself - like meditation or some other spiritual discipline. Your dream for a better world - through art or healing - can then be more safely pursued and surely maintained.

Moon in the Ninth House

Whatever your feeling nature is, there is an energy and enthusiasm to it because you are instinctively aware that the World is more than we can ever know. And so you perennially sense the possibility that around the corner waits another enthralling clue to the mystery of life. For the same reason, you can be adept at readings signs and omens.

Anything that gives you the feeling of life in motion is very reassuring to you. This would include any form of physical or astral travel, religious and philosophical pursuits, outdoor sports and activities. Indeed, your home itself could be distant from your place of birth - even in a foreign land.

Any caring or nurturing ability that you have takes on a religious or crusader-like tone. You regard well-being as an essentially spiritual matter, and you cannot conceive of a God without there being, a Goddess too.

Your Lunar Aspects

Moon allying with Mercury

You have no trouble in conveying your feelings with the written or spoken word. Consequently, you are well able to keep social situations flowing and relaxed with your ready wit and natural poise. There is a slight danger of using your natural eloquence to evade pondering in much depth on anything. But when your mind and soul has something worth chewing on, you have the prized knack of putting it across to all and sundry. You also possess basic common sense.

Moon opposed by Venus

There is a certain softness that you have about you - whether you are male or female. Others find it easy to bathe in your pleasingly familiar aura. This talent of yours for soothing and making people feel good has many uses and can take many forms. What you do have to guard against though is being too soft and easygoing, because you can get taken advantage of, which seriously compromises your powers of assertion.

Moon opposed by Mars

What is more, your emotions are highly charged. You react energetically to the situation in hand, which in turn energizes the feelings of others. But there is a danger here that some of this energy is an unconscious anger about something or at someone from your past - probably your mother. Any jagged emotion such as this can cause havoc in close or domestic relationships as it gives rise to inappropriate responses to others.

For as long as this remains unattended to you can be very spiky and overly defensive when anyone gets close to your raw spot.

Moon uniting with Uranus

Now a major theme of your emotional life is one of your becoming progressively more cool and detached about your needs and feelings. However, until you have made some headway in this respect, you are prone to definite, even violent, mood swings. This is caused by your being wrapped up in your emotions one moment, and then being icily aloof the next. Possibly you feel that your mother didn't really want or connect with you in some way, and so you zip back and forth between needing and not needing.

If you are a mother, you make an unusual one. In the meantime, no one could accuse you of being dull or of lacking intuition!

Moon allying with Pluto

Like a solid core running through your emotional make up you have a profound instinct for survival. You may just use this to get by, but this would be rather a waste for when you get right down to the root of the matter, you are capable of regenerating and improving any situation you choose.

The Sabian Symbol for the Moon

Now, to give a symbolic focus to the Moon in your Chart, here is the "Sabian Symbol" for the degree of the Zodiac at which it was placed at the time of your birth. As I mentioned in the last Chapter - your Sun Profile, the Sabian Symbols may be read as interpreted, taken quite literally, or be given your own more personal or subjective interpretation much as you would for one of your dreams.

Remember to bear in mind that the Moon represents your unconscious disposition and responses, and your emotional needs and security, and to see how its Sabian Symbol corresponds to your Moon Profile in particular, and your Chart interpretation as a whole. The Sabian Symbol for your Moon is...

"AN EASTER PARADE" - The displaying of whatever is believed to be one's best qualities, in the spirit of each individual being a part of some greater whole. Keyword PROCLAMATION. When positive, your profound sense of occasion and the contributing roles that you and others play within it, thereby inspiring all to an even greater sense of moment and community. When negative, a preoccupation with the needs of self that misses the point of any collective event or of being one amongst many.

Chapter Four - Your Midheaven profile: Career and Status

Aries at the Midheaven

You need a certain boldness to make your way professionally in the world. So the nature of Chapter Seven - Your Mars Profile will bear greatly upon this, indicating in what style, and with how much ease or difficulty success may be accomplished. You would do well in any profession that entails some kind of pushing, selling or pioneering - which could include the military.

Holding a leading position in your career is also quite desirable, as is having the freedom to do things your own way. At times you may have to fight pretty hard to maintain or achieve a certain position. This proves to be worth it in the long run, when you are at last way out in front.

You achieve success more easily when matters are kept straightforward, clean-cut and simple - and, most of all, if you are patient.

Chapter Five - Your Mercury Profile: Perception and Mentality

Mercury in Scorpio

Yours is the mind of the interrogator or spy. So any occupation which needs or uses this kind of delving mentality is bound for some measure of success. This particularly favours psychological, research or police work. You do not miss many tricks. Your failing however is that you can suspect malice of intent where there is none; and this can lead to mental convolutions which are almost impossible to work out or work through. It is likely that you create intrigue in order to keep your mind on its stealthy toes. This is probably okay, just as long as you don't get foiled by your own mental swordplay. Essentially, you have a good, sharp mind, because there is always something or someone that needs looking into, and so your mental muscle is constantly exercised.

Mercury in the Fourth House

These mental qualities of yours were strongly influenced by your early home life and racial, cultural or national background. So your mind can be somewhat buried in your roots as it treads well-established, but possibly habit-ridden paths. As a reaction to this, you might rebel against them, moving about from place to place in a need to find your own mind, or attracting a domestic or family set-up where you are continually having to assert your individual attitude. You like to surround yourself with books and bits and pieces of interest for they give you a sense of security. Another interest in roots and the security which they provide, may well involve subjects like geology, archaeology, ecology, genealogy, etc. But at the bottom of all this is your father, who was probably an intellectual type, and not easy to get to know emotionally. This would have fed your mind but have frustrated your feelings. In other words, what you are really digging for is your father's soul, for it is the route to your own.

Your Mercury Aspects

Mercury allying with Moon

You have an instinctual awareness of the day-to-day workings of people and life in general. This could be called the common touch, and favours any occupation where you have to deal with the public on their own level. You are, in a word, streetwise.

Mercury working with Mars

Once you get a mental grip on something you are unlikely to let go of it until you have got the answer, truth, story or whatever it is that you are after. This terrier-like, foot-in-the-door, attitude of yours is invaluable in any kind of investigative activity. Your sharp and witty mind lights the way.

Mercury challenged by Neptune

Your thoughts are fantasy-prone, and you cannot but help see what lies beyond the logical. But how you manage and express this highly sensitive perception of yours greatly depends upon not just your Mercury Profile, but your personality as a whole. If you deem it proper to stick with scientific facts, then you most probably scorn the mystically-minded dreamers of this world. At the other extreme, you are a mystically-minded dreamer who dismisses reason as a way of explaining everything. As a child you probably had a bold line in tall stories - and you are still inclined to bend the truth somewhat if you feel in a tight spot or if you are just bored with reality. If your tall-stories were received in the right spirit by adults, then you now feel happy with a mind that can fruitfully follow the flight of your imagination. But when such mental sensitivity as you have is denied, you can be vague or convoluted to the point of not making yourself clear when speaking - even though you might think you are.

Mercury allying with Pluto

When it comes right down to it, yours is an extremely profound mentality. At the very least you have a knack for getting to the root of a matter. Taken further, you are able to reach a deep understanding of the actual workings of the Nature of Life itself. You have a powerful mind that is not distorted by power games and mental conceit.

Chapter Six - Your Venus Profile: Attraction and Harmony

Venus in Virgo

You are a perfectionist and critical where love and art are concerned. At its most extreme, this can find you left on the shelf. More usually though, you demand - consciously or unconsciously - that your partner or other people in general subscribe to some closely defined code of behaviour and social conduct. But this is really hiding some impurity, some feeling of unlovability, that exists within you.

You are afraid of showing your earthy or dirty bits. What is really curious however is that you periodically go right over the top and are decidedly dissolute and even promiscuous by way of release. Essentially you are after accepting yourself, warts and all. Then you'll be able to love and be loved without interminably checking everything. A very positive part of your nature is that you can tune in very finely to another's beauty and love needs. This also shows itself as a fine design sense if you are artistically inclined.

Venus in the Third House

These values or senses find their expression most easily in all areas of communication, be it in the written or spoken word, or in how you conduct yourself in day-to-day interactions with neighbours, shop-people, siblings, etc. Neither do you like to leave any one day in a negative state of mind (as the result of an argument for example), for you know only too well that it would cast a shadow over the next.

You have a talent for literature, and a naturally lyrical sense. Because of this beauty of mind, other people find it easy to relax or open up in your presence, so this also favours any kind of social or counselling work.

Your Venus Aspects

Venus opposed by Moon

These love needs, and the ability to appreciate yourself and someone close to you clearly, are confused by the strong need for security which was or was not satisfied by your mother. In other words, you expect a lover to give what your mother did or did not, or, you assume that that is what they want you to give them - but they don't. Your weakness is that you can accommodate others, or be accommodated by them too easily, and so love and need get confused all too soon.

Venus uniting with Mars

And you are not about to just sit back and wait for all this to happen. You have a strong desire to make it happen. Furthermore, when you make a move towards someone - be it in a social, business or romantic situation - you expect there to be some definite response. Likewise, you readily respond to others advances towards you. So you are pretty lively in a sensuous way. You can treat others as sexual objects or as social or business stepping-stones, or be on the receiving end of the same thing. But you certainly keep the pot stirred and sweet.

Venus uniting with Saturn

But your pleasures are not without their price, and your social or artistic involvements are certainly not without their trials. It is as if the love or the value of anyone or anything that you concern yourself with has to be thoroughly tested. You may well grow up to regard yourself as a bit of a loser in this respect and have a poor sense of self-worth and a bank-balance to match. But you must always remind yourself of your sincerity and thoughtfulness, and that what you are learning is simply how to love, in the manner I have described here.

Chapter Seven - Your Mars profile: Self-Assertion and Sexual Drive

Mars in Virgo

You assert yourself best when you have learned and use some sort of technique. Then whatever you do, you do with thoroughness and precision. You are very exacting of others in their work - and sexually too - and you like to keep the score. You know how to hit the right spot, but make a fuss if your opposite number doesn't.

In effect, you have given yourself quite a tall order of satisfying your desires and your need for purity at the same time. This can mean that you put yourself out of the running altogether for a time - or work yourself into the ground trying to achieve perfection. If you allow yourself to become neurotic about this, your health could suffer. So relax and stop driving yourself to do the impossible when your best will more than suffice.

Mars in the Third House

Most or all of this applies especially to your manner of speech or literary expression, your everyday encounters, giving or receiving education, and your relationships with siblings. You could say that these areas are the battleground of your life. Your Mars Aspects below will reveal how easy or difficult that battle is. Ultimately, you should be a strong voice, which is heard above others'.

Your Mars Aspects

Mars opposed by Moon

One difficulty in particular that you are subject to where asserting yourself is concerned, is that you feel that by doing so you will somehow jeopardize your security. If you wish not to be dogged by such patent self-defeatism, track this one down to the conflicting messages you received in childhood, like for example, being rewarded and punished for the same thing.

Mars working with Mercury

As you do not usually act without some logical idea of what you are up to, your manner of self-assertion is governed and guided by what is on your mind. So the clearer your mental state, the clearer your objectives are, and the more successful you are in reaching them. You have good mind-body co-ordination.

Mars unites with Venus

Whatever the case, you are very able to dress up your own desires in a charming or even seductive manner that makes others only too happy to go along with you. In fact, generally speaking you are attractive, particularly to the opposite sex. However, your almost wanton appeal can make you lazy, or just plain flirtatious. And you should be careful not to soften your harder edge too much, for that would be self-defeating. At your best, you are both magnetic and dynamic.

Mars opposed by Uranus

Whenever anyone or anything opposes what you yourself want, you react quite hotly, even violently or recklessly. You have a very strong sense of fighting for your own (and others') rights to do what you feel you must do.

As long as you do not let this turn you into a mindless reactionary with an unstable temperament able to attract quite dangerous predicaments, your actions can prove to be both fast and effective. But then again you might actually like danger. Sexually, you can be wild or experimental as you seek the truth of what sex is all about.

Chapter Eight - Your Jupiter profile: Faith and Understanding

Jupiter in Libra

Your philosophy of life has mainly to do with your sense of justice, as you experience it in a personal way within your one-to-one relationships. It can also come from how you perceive it, or the lack of it, in society in general. In other words, your faith in life rests upon a belief that justice exists. If it does not - or it appears not to - your faith diminishes.

Conversely, when you are aware that justice prevails, you feel happy to go on. What you have to bear in mind is that justice is not always apparent on a surface level. By its very nature, justice often has to be sought - be it in your mind or a court of law.

Jupiter in the Third House

Most of all, you apply this faith to, or look for it in, your everyday interactions with others. You are the type who brings philosophical concepts into the most ordinary spheres of everyday thought. Sometimes such high-flown ideas as you expound to all and sundry can be impractical and out of place, and you come across as being wordy and abstruse. But, with your broader viewpoint, bend the ear of the common man you certainly will - despite his narrowness or incomprehension.

Your Jupiter Aspects

Jupiter uniting with Saturn

The establishing of faith in life will not be without some quite severe tests. This could take the form, possibly from very early on in life, of some type of rigid faith that either forces you to stick with it through thick and thin, or, has put you off believing in anything other than what you can touch and see.

And so you are having to find a balance between faith and reality, and to discover a vision of a better situation and the practical means of getting there. Having done this, you are a formidable force to be reckoned with.

Jupiter opposing your Midheaven

The indications that I have described above under Jupiter in House are strongly emphasized and I suggest you note them as such.

You have inherited this brand of faith and philosophy. This means to say that it is in your blood and so therefore you are not that conscious of it; it is just there. At some stage it may well be necessary for you to become more aware of the nature of this inheritance because either it is a negative faith and it is doing you no good, or, it is positive and you are not making the most of it. Your father's beliefs, or lack of them, have a lot to do with all this.

A sign of your innate faith or luck can be seen in your domestic affairs and where you live. Your abode may well be large, mobile or involve human growth activities.

Chapter Nine - Your Saturn Profile: Lessons and Responsibilities

Saturn in Libra

You are learning the most important lesson in life - balance. This means that you find yourself in situations where you have to decrease what there is too much of, and increase what there is too little of. One-to-one relationships are particularly demanding as you have the task of establishing who is responsible for what, of being utterly fair in granting yourself and the other person equal rights, allowances for human error, etc.

So because balance is more of a critical factor for you than it is for most others, it would seem that there is often a steep imbalance between your position and the other person's. Grist for the mill, you could say. Upon passing this test, finding that crucial balance, you can land yourself with a relationship that is far more stable than most, and become, in general, a fair judge of social affairs.

Saturn in the Third House

These lessons focus mainly upon your schooling and your daily interactions with others - especially with siblings. Problems and challenges in these areas of book-learning and everyday communications are a likelihood, or you make a point of becoming so good at them that you can drive others away with your worship of facts - whatever the subject may be.

What all this really boils down to is your allotting the correct value to reason and factual information. This can take the form of anything from your having learning difficulties to your teaching people with learning difficulties. You may have respiratory problems, for these are symptomatic of difficulty taking things in and giving them out. Whatever the case, you have a specific mental task to perform and possibly even excel in.

Your Saturn Aspects

Saturn uniting with Venus

You might vainly seek pleasures or distractions in relationships as a way of diminishing or avoiding the difficulties mentioned here. Or you feel that in some way you are not allowed to enjoy yourself. The fact of the matter is that you can only go out to play to your heart's content when you have performed your duties, as I have here described them. Or alternatively, you find that taking pleasure in your work is your ultimate goal.

Saturn uniting with Jupiter

Be aware that the brighter side of life is something that you do have to cultivate. It's not that you're without joy. It is more likely you were socially conditioned by someone or something that had little joy in them. Be that as it may, you still have to lighten up somewhat, which will mean taking a chance on your intuition, and letting the devil - whatever you fear - take the hindmost.

Saturn working with your Ascendant

Whatever else might need putting in order in your life, your way of approaching any situation is straight and true, practical and well-measured. In turn, you find that others mostly respond to you in the same way, thereby attracting stable relationships. You are good at determining whose duties are whose.

Saturn opposing your Midheaven

Those qualities of yours, which I have described above under Saturn in House are strongly emphasised and I suggest that you note them as such, and how they relate to the whole of your Saturn Profile.

These lessons and necessities also centre upon your home or inner life, and the sense of order that was laid down during your early years - especially by your father. If that sense was absent or restrictive, you now go around with an inner feeling that something is missing or not good enough. You then come to depend upon having very stable domestic security to compensate for this.

But in the long run it doesn't, for it is a want of something emotional rather than something material. In other words, at some stage you will have to reaffirm your sense of belonging, which was not forthcoming in childhood. At the other extreme, your early life might have been highly structured in a supportive way, thus giving you an inner sense of being in the right place at the right time.

Chapter Ten - Your Uranus Profile: Awakening and Freedom

Uranus in Pisces

You belong to a generation (born during the 1920's) whose intention was to awaken to the mysteries of life and the unconscious and thereby gain some release from the mundane. By and large however, this was expressed in the rather dissolute and "anything goes" atmosphere into which you were born (the Roaring Twenties). Consequently, unless you have taken definite steps to look at the mystical side of life, you are culturally inclined to avoid facing the music.

Uranus in the Eighth House

Your urge for change and awakening, and the freedom that comes with them, makes itself felt in areas of your life relating to intimacy and sexuality, joint or others' resources, and hidden causes. These areas are usually very fraught with intense passions and emotions, which are painfully hard to control. You are trying to gain some detached, scientific objectivity in all this, and more often than not you have to find just that through being flung into the deep end.

So crises like divorce, tax or property problems, sexual difficulties, and death itself, present you with the challenge to be detached but not totally unattached, which would pose an emotional problem in itself. In the process, you can become quite the trouble-shooter with respect to such problems, discover important secrets, and ultimately get into the clear as suddenly as you got thrown into the pit.

Your Uranus Aspects

Uranus uniting with Moon

You feel all these forces for change and liberation with such intensity that it is quite difficult for you to maintain emotional stability. It is as if you take it all personally. Remind yourself that these forces are both intelligent and are for the good of all. Cultivate coolness; be loose and open to the promise of the future, and avoid tucking yourself away somewhere "safe", for this would only attract the very upheaval you feared. Positively speaking, you should be able to reassure others when they are traumatized or stressed by changes.

Uranus opposed by Mars

People will attack your sense of freedom and what it is in you that stands out from the crowd. In a way you relish this for it sharpens your sense of uniqueness. Your sex life becomes a particularly vibrant area for breaking the rules and further intensifying your individuality. But really this is all in aid of waking you up to what it really means to be free to do your own thing.

Uranus allying with Pluto

At a deeper level of consciousness you are aware of how life is fundamentally just energy behaving in certain ways, and at distinct vibrations, governed by definite laws. This being the case, you can appreciate the profound necessity of change - and are therefore philosophical about life's upheavals.

Chapter Eleven - Your Neptune Profile: Sensitivity and Spirituality

Neptune in Leo

You belong to the Neptunian generation born between 1914 and 1929. You therefore came into being during a time that gave birth to glamour and good-times - 'The Roaring Twenties'. Although this gave rise to great fun and artistic creativity, it also created a very unreal sense of what love and emotion are about.

Neptune in the First House

The sensitive issue with you is your very identity. The impression that others get from you is the one that they unconsciously fear or wish for. This is because you are adept at moulding yourself to embody whatever they expect of you. Meanwhile, your own sense of identity proves rather elusive. Another pitfall to watch out for is your susceptibility for seeing things as you want to see them. These difficulties arise because you are seeing everything and everyone as an extension of yourself.

Consequently, you get caught up in living out the myths of other people. This can take the form of being glamorous and mystical, or weak and submissive, or anything else that appeals to people's fantasies. Your eyes themselves seem to match this by having a mysterious or far-away quality. Or your sight may be weak, or even non-existent - but in any case you may well have the gift of second sight.

Indeed it is your psychic sensitivity that is behind all this confusion and enigma. When you as an individual learn to use this sensitivity to tune into something that is really fine and beautiful - as opposed to randomly taking on everyone else's idea of such a thing - then your identity becomes a channel for your ideals, visions and dreams. But in order to do this you would need to rid yourself of the illusions created by having used your clairvoyance merely to please others and gain acceptance for yourself.

You can only be truly accepted by others when you have accepted yourself. In order to do this you must train your acute sensitivity through meditation, self-contemplation, or creative activities such as music, drama and dance, or though giving yourself over to some spiritual cause or healing ministry. The point is that you are naturally equipped to identify with, and find your identity through, one or more of these pursuits.

Your Neptune Aspects

Neptune challenged by Mercury

The negative dimensions of these situations, and others, tempt you to rationalise them away, rather than see the truth of the matter. You swing between thinking the best of someone one moment, and regarding them as a waste of your time the next. In turn, you either imagine that you are well thought of, or that you are being unjustly slighted. Indeed, you are having and trying to tell the false from the true, but until you locate your own blind-spot, it'll be a case of one step forward and two back. But this could be your way of finding out.

Neptune allying with your Midheaven

Your sensitivity and imagination may be used positively to further your profession, or be an integral part of its nature. So your career should involve the arts, metaphysics, healing, or anything that enlightens, relieves or entertains.

Chapter Twelve - Your Pluto Profile: Power and Transformation

Pluto in Cancer

You are a member of the Plutonian generation (1912 - 1939) which witnessed World War I and the beginnings of World War II. Essentially this was a struggle for power and omnipotence which threatened the security to which humanity had hitherto grown accustomed - and transformed our concept of personal and national security for good.

Pluto in the Twelfth House

You have powerful hidden resources, which could also be repressed. This is either because you would abuse them if they were too readily available to you, or because you feel that if they were unleashed, anti-social or even evil forces would spew forth. All of this might be totally unconscious, but the fact remains that eventually, voluntarily or otherwise, this power is drawn out in the form of some crisis or psychological process.

Until then you can feel as if you are carrying the weight of the world around, giving rise to work difficulties, absenteeism, not getting along with co-workers, or something more ominous. Essentially, your personal process of transformation is concerned with changing the state of those things, which oppress humanity as a whole. But you have to begin by mucking out your own closet.

A fear of death itself could be the prime occupant, possibly stemming from an early experience - in the womb even. Once you have begun to vanquish some of these demons, then angels in the form of psychological or spiritual insights will take shape to assist you further in your delving and healing.

Your Pluto Aspects

Pluto allying with Moon

Deep down you feel very safe. Deep down you feel you belong. You also have a deep sense of what holds people together - be it family, friends or whatever. And deep down you feel what has to be eliminated to create or maintain such security. All you have to make sure of is that you trust these deep feelings.

Pluto allying with Mercury

You have the mental insight to learn much from all this. Consequently, you are more and more able to understand at a deep level how life and others operate. You are therefore the natural psychologist or physicist. Your mind works best when it has profound issues to chew on and get to the core of.

Pluto allying with Uranus

There is an original streak in you, which knows that turning something on its head is a simple way of getting through and out of a difficult situation. This means that approaching a problem in an unusual, even revolutionary, way is the best - maybe the only - way of solving it.

Pluto challenging your Midheaven

There is something about you that is at odds with authority. You can therefore express this as either having difficulty with knowing whose boss at work, or trying to be one yourself at home - both of which difficulties can lead to loss and upheaval. This all stems back to a feeling of being crushed or subjugated in your early life in some way - so work that one out if you want a happier time of it.

There is a purpose to your life

From reading your Soul Scope, You may know that already, and this has confirmed it, or made you look at it differently. You may also have noticed that not only is there a purpose to your life as a whole, there is a purpose to every part of your life as well.

Furthermore, for every purpose of yours, you may see that you have positive traits and abilities to achieve it. Any negative traits are only the result of your having diverged from, or being unconscious of, that purpose.

And the relationships and circumstances of your life have been attracted entirely by these positive and negative qualities - like the poles of a magnet. For it is a scientific fact that that is what a human or any other being actually is: an electromagnetic being - picking up good and bad vibrations.

Astrology is based upon electro-magnetism and vibratory resonance.

I hope that through this "Report" you will have gained, and will continue to gain, a sense of satisfaction and control through being more and more familiar with the power and purpose of your life and personality. Lyn Birkbeck.

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